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Enw / Name: Mandy Pemberton (corpie_at_alphalink_dot_com.au)
Gwlad/Country: Australia Dydd/Date: Wed Jul 14 07:00:29 1999
Sylw/Comment: Stephen and Nigel

Thank you so much for such a great site . . . I have now located by ggg grandmother's baptism and her parents name . . . what a find.

Best wishes to all . . . and should you be researching the "James" surname . . . please feel free to contact me.

Enw / Name: veronica (verell_at_hotkey_dot_net.au)
Gwlad/Country: australia Dydd/Date: Sat Jul 3 22:55:38 1999
Sylw/Comment: Thank you for a very interesting page,brought back many memories of your area to a transplanted taffy in the southern highlands of n.s.w.Next time I look at your homepage I hope I will be able to write in Welsh.I am starting a course in Lampeter shortly.on line education.
best wishes from australia,

Enw / Name: Pol (Pol_at_bridle-croft_dot_demon.co.uk)
Gwlad/Country: UK Dydd/Date: Fri Apr 30 16:09:45 1999
Sylw/Comment: Nigel..... the picture of the church on the front page looks attractive!..... Maybe the general yellow background is a bit naf (not sure!) but I don't think it adds value. Is the 'typical cottage' yours by any stretch of the imagination?

Is this a Query I am submitting? (strange button name for non-programmers!)

PS just trying to help. Best interests at heart!

Enw / Name: Robin Thomas (rthomas_at_montana_dot_edu)
Gwlad/Country: Montana, U.S.A. Dydd/Date: Sat Apr 17 18:44:11 1999
Sylw/Comment: How delightful to find my ggg grandparents David and Mariah Morris in the 1841 and 1851 census, along with their daughter Mariah, my gg grand-mother! This info is not easily accessed from where I live in the States. Many thanks to Nigel and Stephen for getting this transcribed and posted, along with the other neat stuff. The 1851 census in particular provided new info that will help in my research.

Young Mariah

Enw / Name: Myfanwy Ford (amf_at_aber_dot_ac.uk)
Gwlad/Country: Cymru Dydd/Date: Wed Mar 10 21:30:46 1999
Sylw/Comment: Llongyfarchiadau, Stephen a Nigel. Daliwch ati!

Enw / Name: Judy Birmingham (jbirming_at_neo_dot_lrun.com)
Gwlad/Country: USA Dydd/Date: Thu Dec 31 19:10:52 1998
Sylw/Comment: Magnificent work, Nigel and Steve! I like reading
about the people who lived there and how they
earned their living. Now, what do you think about
getting a web camera, and perching it on top of
the chapel, so we can get live views of Tre
Taliesin? ;-) Perhaps you can get the Wildfowler
to sponsor you with a banner ad to cover the

Enw / Name: Stephen
Gwlad/Country: Dydd/Date: Tue Dec 22 16:18:39 1998
Sylw/Comment: Wel, wel. Duw, duw. Mae'n edrych yn dda.

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Arwyddo'r llyfr ymwelwyr newydd / Sign the new guestbook