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Arwyddo'r llyfr ymwelwyr newydd / Sign the new guestbook

Enw / Name: Keith P. Williams (kipsr_at_aol_dot_com)
Gwlad/Country: USA Dydd/Date: Sun Nov 28 20:07:45 1999

Enw / Name: Val Hamilton (vhamilton_at_telus_dot_net)
Gwlad/Country: Canada Dydd/Date: Sun Nov 28 19:04:39 1999
Sylw/Comment: I hope that the rest of the world looks at what a brilliant page you have done. Research would be so much easier if other communities follow your lead. You should be proud of your efforts.

Val Hamilton
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Enw / Name: Sue Shade (sue_at_shadebs_dot_demon.co.uk)
Gwlad/Country: England Dydd/Date: Sun Nov 28 16:44:18 1999
Sylw/Comment: An excellent site, well maintained and full
of useful information. If only the other parishes
could do the same thing. A genealogist's dream!

Keep up the good work.

Enw / Name: marjorie (emwill_at_cybase_dot_co.uk)
Gwlad/Country: Wales Dydd/Date: Sat Nov 6 22:00:17 1999
Sylw/Comment: Having read about the site in this months Cardiganshire FHS Journal, I decided to pay a visit and I'm really glad that I did! This is going to be so useful for me in finding out about my 3X gt.Gtandafther, David Lewis, Carpenter of Llangynfelyn. Many Thanks!!

Enw / Name: peter wolfendale (wolfendalep_at_yahoo_dot_com)
Gwlad/Country: Toronto, Canada Dydd/Date: Sun Oct 24 19:23:00 1999
Sylw/Comment: What an excellent site , I came upon it purely by
accident .
The authors of this site must be commended for all
the work that has been put in to make this site
so appealing.

Enw / Name: Howard Nicholls (h.nicholls_at_irl_dot_cri.nz)
Gwlad/Country: New Zealand Dydd/Date: Mon Oct 18 00:17:48 1999
Sylw/Comment: What a lot of effort you've put in, Steve & Nigel. Very impressed. Nice to see a picture of Wesley Cottage too, having walked past it many times on walks to/from the woods from Cysgod-y-Coed. Minor comment - the site map is very cluttered, could do with clearer layout but otherwise a well laid out site. Howard.

Enw / Name: Lynne (jimk_at_nucleus_dot_com)
Gwlad/Country: Canada Dydd/Date: Mon Oct 11 22:51:07 1999
Sylw/Comment: What a fantastic find. Thanks for all your hard work. This site is going to be really useful for my research into the Davies side of my family. My Mum(who also lives in Canada now) was interested to find info about the students that came to her school from Liverpool during the war.
Thanks again

Enw / Name: Rhian Nelmes (martin.nelmes_at_diamond_dot_co.uk)
Gwlad/Country: Lloegr Dydd/Date: Thu Sep 16 22:04:02 1999
Sylw/Comment: Wedi clywed am y dudalen we oddi-wrth fy mrawd yng ngyfraith, David Evans, Tanllan. Cael lot o hwyl edrych am wybodaeth. Byddai'n braf gweld mwy o luniau yn enwedig o'r trigolion.

Enw / Name: Helen (archives%20_at_ceredigion_dot_gov.uk)
Gwlad/Country: Dydd/Date: Mon Aug 23 11:20:28 1999
Sylw/Comment: Nice web-site - which we can refer people to - thanks !

Enw / Name: Geraint Lewis
Gwlad/Country: Dydd/Date: Mon Aug 16 16:44:50 1999
Sylw/Comment: Edrych yn atyniadol, llawer o wybodaeth ddefnyddiol, bendigedig

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Arwyddo'r llyfr ymwelwyr newydd / Sign the new guestbook