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Enw / Name: Vickie Slogrove (slogrove_at_shaw_dot_ca)
Gwlad/Country: Canada Dydd/Date: Mon Nov 17 17:26:23 2003
Sylw/Comment: Thank you so much for the surname count and ranking list which was fun. More importantly it led me to this site which is so wonderful it enticed me to stay for an hour and sample everything. It is so fast I was able to cover a lot of ground. I hope to visit family in Merthyr Tydfil next year and definitely plan a side trip to your village - with a site like this it must be full of interesting people. Good luck with your project. Vickie

Enw / Name: Susan (douthit_at_telinco_dot_co.uk)
Gwlad/Country: Scotland Dydd/Date: Sun Oct 12 17:18:44 2003
Sylw/Comment: I found the story about the red squirrel absolutely beautiful, as well as informative. Enjoyed it so much and also enjoyed reading something in proper English! Thank you.

Enw / Name: jeanette jones (d.jones82_at_ntlworld_dot_com)
Gwlad/Country: wales Dydd/Date: Sat Jun 28 01:08:06 2003
Sylw/Comment: This is a great site. I have traced my husbands' family from all the info available. The Evans family had the Commerical Inn from 1835 - 1944. I would love to hear from anyone who knew the family

Enw / Name: brenda jones (bj_at_reverendvox_dot_demon.co.uk)
Gwlad/Country: wales Dydd/Date: Thu Jun 26 00:26:22 2003
Sylw/Comment: Hugh Davies's (Hatter) family came to Tredegar, Monmouthshire. I am most greatful to find so much information over 2 years and more. I hope to post more information that will help others at a later date.

Enw / Name: basil b jones (jonesbb_at_shands_dot_ufl.edu)
Gwlad/Country: USA Dydd/Date: Wed Apr 30 20:32:33 2003
Sylw/Comment: nice read

Enw / Name: Lynn (klpm10_at_adelphia_dot_net)
Gwlad/Country: USA Dydd/Date: Sun Apr 6 05:38:09 2003
Sylw/Comment: I want to take this time to say thank you for putting together such a wonderful site. I found it so interesting and informative. My Grandparents were Thomas HUGHES and Laura ROBERTS. My HUGHES came from Anglesey,North Wales, and My ROBERTS were from Machynlleth and they were Tailors, Drapers, and Shoemakers. I would so be interested if you knew of any informative sites dealing with Anglesey. Thank you again so much for putting together this wonderful site.

Enw / Name: Helen Clare Taylor (htaylor_at_pilot_dot_lsus.edu)
Gwlad/Country: USA Dydd/Date: Fri Mar 14 04:39:33 2003
Sylw/Comment: My great-grandparents, John and Elizabeth Hughes, retired to Taliesin in the 1930s or 1940s. They are buried in the new cemetery, along with one of their sons, Richard. Any chance you will get further with transcribing the headstones? I love this site--it is lovingly detailed and so helpful! Thank you for your hard work.

Enw / Name: sheila Francis (tammybont_at_yahoo_dot_com)
Gwlad/Country: Swansea wales Dydd/Date: Sun Mar 2 00:28:15 2003
Sylw/Comment: Interesting site I hopea to find out some more details Thanks

Enw / Name: Joan adis (joan_at_pbthings_dot_com)
Gwlad/Country: U.S.A. Dydd/Date: Thu Jan 16 20:21:55 2003
Sylw/Comment: great site, i am trying deaperately to locate my grandparents, from winchester, and hampshire, george william churcher born july 28, 1863, wife emma james born august 9, 1853, they sailed on the ship "AUSONIA" in 1912 from southampton, with children hilda, john henry, charlotte and george. emma's parents were ebenezer james and martha white. i have desperately been searching for any information, on any of them, i would love to find a living relative also still left in my family. thank you so mu

Enw / Name: Lorraine Speers (laspeers_at_telus_dot_net)
Gwlad/Country: Dydd/Date: Mon Dec 9 10:46:56 2002
Sylw/Comment: Congratulations and Thank You! This website is a fantastic source of information and I am so thrilled to have found it. I am researching for information regarding my great grandparents Dr. James Snodgrass Mathews and Mary Anne Williams, who from 1889 - 1911 lived in Machynlleth. Mary Anne was born circa 1853 in Cardiganshire and her father was David Williams.
I enjoyed reading the newspaper articles, which gives an wonderful insight into life in the 1800's. It would be great to read mo

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