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Enw / Name: Helen Jones (oswaldjones_at_btinternet_dot_com)
Gwlad/Country: Wales Dydd/Date: Wed Aug 29 15:52:29 2001
Sylw/Comment: A wonderful site! I found several references to the Davies family from Penrhyngerwin (My paternal grandmother was Mary Jane Davies).

Enw / Name: andy jones (debrajones_at_aldercourt_dot_freeserve.co.uk)
Gwlad/Country: wales Dydd/Date: Sun Jul 15 13:37:04 2001
Sylw/Comment: Exellent site, I have been able to find a vast amount of information about my ancesters The Felix family.I live in Rhuddlan another Historic Town in Wales and we do not have a site that comes anywhere near as good as this one.CHEERS.

Enw / Name: john
Gwlad/Country: wales Dydd/Date: Sat Jun 30 23:17:10 2001
Sylw/Comment: A very interesting and informative visit to an area I thought I knew about

Enw / Name: Alun Britton Davies (alund_at_senet_dot_com.au)
Gwlad/Country: South Australia Dydd/Date: Sat Jun 23 05:06:06 2001
Sylw/Comment: Have just been steered to your site by 'Marty' fron the USA. My Great grandparents were William b.1850 and Naomi Davies b.1848 of Taliesin. I'm struggling to find factual information on others in this line and of William Roberts b.1869 son of Jane Roberts nee Mason.
Any help appreciated.

Enw / Name: Ianto (iain_o_hannaidh_at_hotmail_dot_com)
Gwlad/Country: Catalonia Dydd/Date: Sat Jun 9 16:59:00 2001
Sylw/Comment: Diddorol tu hwnt! Yr oeddwn yn byw am sbel yn Nhal-y-bont ac felly mae llawer o'r ffermydd yn y rhestr yn gyfarwydd i mi. Llongyfarchiadau ar y wefan, diolch am eich gwaith caled o roi'r holl wybodaeth arlein.

Enw / Name: Norman
Gwlad/Country: Wales Dydd/Date: Sat May 19 17:33:00 2001
Sylw/Comment: I see you are featured as web site of the month in the June issue of Family History Monthly. Well done - I endorse all they say about the site - you richly deserve such recognition.

Enw / Name: Nancy Frey (nfrey_at_netrover_dot_com)
Gwlad/Country: Canada Dydd/Date: Mon Apr 16 01:17:07 2001
Sylw/Comment: Fabulous site! Wish my ancestors came from your parish.

Enw / Name: Carol O'Neill (cal13_at_blueyonder_dot_co.uk)
Gwlad/Country: England Dydd/Date: Sun Apr 15 21:52:30 2001
Sylw/Comment: One of the best sites i have been to for a long time ;-))It was easy to navigate & really clearly laid out .I'll be back Carol

Enw / Name: Jean Hooper (hooper_at_iiss_dot_org)
Gwlad/Country: UK Dydd/Date: Fri Mar 23 14:28:48 2001
Sylw/Comment: I think this site is absolutely wonderful. I have been tracing my Welsh ancestors from various places in Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire for the past year. I have just discovered a connection in Taliesin (I hadn't even heard of Taliesin before).
When I sought information from the Dyfed FHS about the village,your website was recommended. I was so delighted when I found what a wealth of information is contained here. I think I have already found some connections. Can't wait ot get back to brows

Enw / Name: Norman (norman_ry_at_btinternet_dot_com)
Gwlad/Country: Wales Dydd/Date: Fri Mar 23 07:50:02 2001
Sylw/Comment: I lived in Goitre for some 25 years and having now been able to visit your site (several times) I can see why NJT was impressed - my first visit saved me another trip to the parish cemetery - and the page on 'use of the parish hearse' gave some crucial information for my research.

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