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Enw / Name: Ceri
Gwlad/Country: Cymru Dydd/Date: Mon Nov 18 23:29:44 2002
Sylw/Comment: Whiw! Safle arbennig o dda. Llongyfarchiadau, gyfeillion.

Enw / Name: Emma (dougski_at_ihug_dot_co.nz)
Gwlad/Country: NZ Dydd/Date: Thu Aug 15 06:58:27 2002
Sylw/Comment: My late brother and sister were taught at Llangynfelyn school. Would dearly love a photo of the School taken during WW2 - does anyone have one?

Enw / Name: Emma Douglas (dougski_at_ihug_dot_co.nz)
Gwlad/Country: New Zealand Dydd/Date: Wed Aug 14 06:58:04 2002
Sylw/Comment: both my late older sister and brother were evacuated to Trerddol, Wales from Liverpool,England during ww2. I was a baby and too young to go. I do not know who they were billeted with. I found both their names listed in the Anfield School records on your site - Thank you!!

Enw / Name: Margaret Holmes (margaret.holmes2_at_btopenworld_dot_com)
Gwlad/Country: England Dydd/Date: Mon Jul 22 22:03:43 2002
Sylw/Comment: My 4xgt grandparents William and Mathilda Rees came from Tre'rddol. Their son Richard was baptised in Anglican Church Llangynfelyn 28th July 1771. So far that is all I know about William & Mathilda. Richard, a joiner, lived to be 100 years old! Came to Tre'rddol this Summer and loved it. I shall be back. Margaret Holmes

Enw / Name: Gordon Leach (cymro_cwl_at_hotmail_dot_com)
Gwlad/Country: Cymru Dydd/Date: Wed Jul 10 01:32:54 2002
Sylw/Comment: Gwefan ddiddorol iawn sy'n llawn gwybodaeth ddefnyddiol am y plwyf. Da iawn am gynnwys y cyfrifiad o 1901.

Enw / Name: Anna Thomas (anna_at_gingerpaw_dot_co.uk)
Gwlad/Country: England Dydd/Date: Sun Feb 17 11:56:31 2002
Sylw/Comment: Well done on your putting part of the 1901 Census on line. I should think it would be possible to complete this before the PRO! They are so slow! Anyway, here's hoping that Carmarthenshire FHS follow suit. I would help out here but I am involved with the BMD Project.


Enw / Name: ema costa (nzinh_at_hotmail_dot_com)
Gwlad/Country: Portugal Dydd/Date: Wed Feb 13 19:51:15 2002
Sylw/Comment: I'm a student and I've to do a work abouto british mythology. Thanks for all the information, it helped me a lot. The page is great!!
Kisses from Portugal

Enw / Name: Tricia
Gwlad/Country: England Dydd/Date: Sat Jan 19 07:04:40 2002
Sylw/Comment: Great site, wish there were more like it.

Enw / Name: Howard Jones (howard_jones_at_bordermail_dot_com.au)
Gwlad/Country: Australia Dydd/Date: Fri Dec 28 07:52:24 2001
Sylw/Comment: Your Llangynfelyn website is great! Found my great-great grandparents Rees and Mary Owen, of Parkgate, Tre'r ddol, who are buried near Hen Gapel's door. Interested in Enoch James, a cousin from Llangynfelin area who died in Australia c.1930. His strange will caused a huge family tree to be compiled. Howard Jones (Cambrian News 1963-70)

Enw / Name: Sharon Montague-Jackson (sharonmj_at_sprint_dot_ca)
Gwlad/Country: Ontario, Canada Dydd/Date: Tue Sep 11 05:42:10 2001
Sylw/Comment: Thank you to all those who obviously worked very hard to produce such a professional web-site - well done. I keep looking for Llandegfan to do something similar, so that I can find my great grandparents, Owen and Eliza Williams (nee Jones)!

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