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Seddi yn yr Eglwys, 1845

Seating in the Church, 1845

Trawsgrifiad o gopi o ddogfen wreiddiol (o'r 1970au?), sy'n disgrifio'r trefniadau seddi yn yr eglwys, (gyda cynllun). Mae hwn yn cudio wrth llawr cefn Llyfr cyfrifon yr Goruchwylwyr.

Transcript of a copy of an original document (made in the 1970's?), describing the seating arrangement in the church, (with a plan). This is attached to the back of the Overseers account book.

This church was reseated in the year 1845 by which means it has been made capable of accomodating 170 persons. A grant of 20 in aid of its reseating was made by the Incorprated Society for Promoting the Enlargement Building and Repairing of Churches and Chapels on condition that the seats for 160 persons described on the annexed plan should be set apart and declared to be free and unappropriated for ever. The provision of church room previously to the reseating was 132 persons including 15 in free seats.

John Davies, Minister
Owen Owens, Churchwarden
[The Plan: this shows the pew in front of the pulpit as 'Tanllan ancient pew, appropriated to Gwynfryn', and the front pew on the other side as 'Appropriated to Lodge Park', with the second pew being 'Vicarage']

LLGC/NLW, MS 20688 D

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