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Will of Mary Richards of Rock House, 1918

Abstract of will
The will of Mary Richards of Rock House, Tre-taliesin, p. Llangynfelyn, 5 Feb. 1918.

I give and bequeath as follows: to my sister Anne Davies, £20; to her son Owen Davies, £10; to Susan Jones, £10; to her children, five in number, £5 each; to the children of my sister Jane Pugh, Hugh Pugh, £10, Lewis Pugh, £10; to the children of John Pugh, five in number, £5 each; to the children of my brother-in-law William Richards, Margaret Anne George and Mary E. Davies, £5 each, and to her son Willie Davies, £5; to William Thomas, the child of my sister-in-law, £5; to the children of my sister Elizabeth Jones, Mary Jane Jones, £10, Morgan Jones, £5; to William Lloyd, £10; to John Lloyd, £10. To my sister-in-law Jane Jenkins, £155; to her son David, £5; to her son John, £5; for the Rehoboth M.C. chapel at Taliesin, £5.

My house, known as Rock House, to Mary Elizabeth Pugh. In case she dies without issue, the house is to go in equal shares to Jennie Pugh and Arthur Pugh. Furniture and feather bed no. 1 to Enid Lloyd; no. 2 feather bed to Annie Davies, daughter of Owen Davies; corner cupboard to Maggie; chest of drawers to Jennie Pugh; chest of drawers no. 2, Ceridwen Pugh; dresser to William Ernest Pugh; cheffonier to Laura Myfanwy Pugh; parlour chairs and sofa to Arthur Pugh; the ship Electra to Mary Elizabeth; the ship Taliesin to Mary Jane Jones; the ship Alasgal to Arthur Pugh; parlour table to William David Pugh.

To Sarah Vaughan, £5; to Annie Susan, tea service from the corner cupboard; weather glass to Hugh Pugh; Estella ship to Dickie Pugh; to my sister-in-law Mary Richards, £510; to her daughter Maggie, £5.

The residue of my estate and effects both real and personal to my sister Jane Pugh and her son William Pugh in equal shares. I appoint the said William Pugh sole executor.

Signed by Mary Richards in the presence of        Hugh Roberts and Annie Mary Selvin, both of Tre-taliesin.

NLW, Arthur Pugh, bocs 10

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