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Mae sawl biliau ac anfonebau o'r 19eg ganrif ymhlith y papurau yng nghasgliad Evans a Griffin yn LlGC/NLW. Mae'r rhan fwyaf ohonynt yn berthnasol i drigolion Gwynfryn.   There are a number of bills and invoices from the 19th century amongst the papers in the Evans and Griffin collection in LlGC/NLW. These mainly relate to the inhabitants of Gwynfryn.

W T Jones Esq. to Lewis Lloyd, Tailor
Taliesin, 1860
Jany 20Mend clothes2-0
April 23do. Coat to Mr E J0-6
May 15dto Sowe chert0-6
May 23dto0-6
May 29dto clothes to Mr E J2-0
July 9Dto2-0
Aug 2Dto Trowsis0-6
Aug 27Dto sowe chert (riding habit)0-6
Paid Sept 19 1860

W T Jones Esq. to Lewis Thomas, 1860
1 bushel barley6-0

Miss C.Jones to Elizabeth Lewis
Bill delivered3-8
yard and 3 quarters of Calico 10½d, Bed 1d, hooks 1½d, Walbons 1½d 1-2½d
for mack the musling dress2-3d
Yard and a quarter of Calico 7½d Bed 1d hooks 1½ Walbons 1½11½d
For mack the musling dress2-3d
Yard and a quarter of Calico 7½d Bed 1d hooks 1½ Walbons 1½11½d
For mack the musling dress2-3d
Oct 3 at Gwynfryn turn the silk dres7d
Oct 4 tun the silk dres 7d, Oct 5 Mack up the flanel dres 7d1-2d
Oct 6 Half day dunit3½d
Nov 13 Alter the pink Islington dres7d
Nov 14 Tun the dres & begin the Clog7d
Nov 15 half day dun the Clog3½d
Nov 21 half day dun the Clog3½d
Nov 22 Bund the Clog (Anglice Bind the Cloak)7d
Nov 23 half day Mack the cover and between you and Miss Jones7d

Settled Dec 6/64 (?84?)

Pryce Pryce Esq. to Lewis Lewis
Work done from 2nd of -ber 1804 to the 29 of June 1805 
87 dayslook after the game and the horses and dogs and every commands of the use of Mr Pryce at 1/-£4-7-0
25 daystending the gentlemen£1-5-0
37½ daysin the Garden£1-17-6
12 daysCut and Cary some wood on the fire£0-12-0
6 dayswith lane sulvier(?)show the farms6-0
5 daysbrewing5-0
3 dayscatch rabbits to Mr. Boll.Loyd3-0
4 daysgive notice to the tenants for rent4-0
 go to ??? at Mr Jones for the longbox4-0
 Grand total£12-0-6
Money that I paid to Cary the game to Machynlleth Nov 13 1804 (+ 9 other dates) 1-0 each10-0
for send the longbox to Machynlleth1-0
11 Basgot to carry the game at 7d per Basgot6-5
Exbonce that I paid by go to Leinor(?) at Mr Jones11-7
Fishing net8-0
young foxes£1-1-0
LlGC/NLW Evans and Griffin 12

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