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A Gentleman's Tour through Monmouthshire and Wales

In the months of June and July 1774

by Henry Penruddocke Wyndham

London, Printed for T Evans, near York Building, In the Strand, MDCCLXXXI

"The spurious sepulchre of the bard Taliesin, who flourished in the sixth century, and which stood near the highway, about four miles from Aberystwyth, has, within these five years, been entirely plundered, and the broken stones are now converted to gate-posts.

It is certainly much to be lamented, that the antiquities in these and some other parts of the principality are not better preserved. How can the inhabitants be so negligent of their real interests! and why will they destroy the almost only inducement for strangers to visit this miserable coast.*

From Talybont, our very long tædium began to find some relief from a cheerful sylvan scene, which conducted us by the sides of two waterfalls, near Gwellyn-gwin bridge, to the banks of the Dovy. The prospect before us is now enchanting; while the striking contrast of the present object, to the melancholy waste we have lately left, makes us more sensible of the pleasing transition.


*This rage for the destruction of pagan remains, is attributed by some to the zeal of the modern Methodists who abound in these parts. Perhaps this conjecture, ridiculous as it at first appears, may not be totally without foundation. For to what absurd and contemptible lengths has not fanaticism been carried in all ages!"

"A Gentleman's Tour through Monmouthshire and Wales", Henry Penruddocke Wyndham, pub. T Evans, London, 1881

Henry Penruddocke Wyndham: 1736-1819, awdur a thopograffydd, o Salisbury, swydd Wiltshire. Aelod Seneddol dros Wiltshire 1795-1812. Awdur o amryw llyfrau deithio. Ymddangosodd hwn yn ddi-enw yn wreiddiol, ond cydnabuwyd mewn argraffiad diweddarach. Mae erthygl amdano yn y Dictionary of National Biography.   Henry Penruddocke Wyndham: 1736-1819, author and topographer, of Salisbury, Wiltshire. He served as MP for Wiltshire 1795-1812. Author of a number of travel books. This one initially appeared anonymously, but was acknowledged in a later edition. There is an article about him in the Dictionary of National Biography.

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