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Mwynglawdd plwm Bryn yr Arian, adroddiad 1849

Bryn yr Arian mine, report for 1849

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Cyfrifau y cwmni

Company accounts


TALIESIN, Sept., 17th, 1849.


To Cost for January Month 184998 - 14 - 6
" February " 64 - 12 - 7
" March " 118 - 11 - 7
" April " 246 - 8 - 8
" May " 172 - 6 - 3
" June " 209 - 9 - 8
" July " 157 - 6 - 11
" August " 138 - 19 - 8 1206 - 8 - 11


By Amount agreed to be expended on the 12th of February, at a Meeting held at Wrexham1000 - 0 - 0
Sims, Williams & Co. on account of Ore Sold the 17th of August158 - 8 - 9 1158 - 8 - 9
Dr. Balance end of August48 - 0 - 2


Cofnodion y cyfarfod cyffredinol

Minutes of the general meeting

BRYN-AR-IAN MINES, 17th Sept., 1849

At a General Meeting of the Shareholders held this day on the Mine; Shareholders being present representing 2191 Shares.

Mr. RICHARD TREDINNICK in the chair.

Captain S. Trevethan read his Report, of which a Copy is annexed.

Moved by Mr. William Forsyth and seconded by Mr. Charles Hughes, that the Accounts presented to the Meeting be approved and passed, Carried unanimously; E. and O. excepted.

Proposed by Mr. Charles Hughes and seconded by Mr. William Forsyth, that the management of the Mine remain in the hands of Messrs. R. Tredinnick, Thomas Field, and J. A. Tielens.

Proposed by Mr. Thomas Field and seconded by Mr. Edward Evans, that Mr. Joseph Tredinnick be appointed Purser and Clerk to the Bryn-ar-ian Mine, at a salary of Five Guineas per month, to begin from the 31st of August last.

Moved by Mr. Edward Evans and seconded by Mr. Charles Hughes, that a Call of 10s. per Share be made, viz. : Five Shillings payable on or before the First day of October, 1849, and Five Shillings on or before the Fourteenth day of January, 1850.

Moved by Mr. Thomas Field and seconded by Mr. Edward Evans, that no Share or Shares be transferred until the full Call of Ten Shillings per Share be paid thereon, and that any sale effected shall bind the Seller to pay the same.

Signed by all the Shareholders present.


Adroddiad Capten Trevethan

Report of Captain Trevethan

BRYN-AR-IAN MINES, Sept. 17th., 1849


I have much pleasure in handing you my report on this Mine this day, the more so from the fact of the General Meeting being held on the Mine, the Shareholders have had the opportunity both of testing its accuracy and of judging for themselves, it is known to you all that when the Meeting was held at Wrexham, on the 12th. of February last, 1000 was subscribed for the erection of Machinery and developing the Mine since that time we have sunk the Engine Shaft 12 fathoms below the Adit Level, where the Lode is explored for 18 fathoms East of and 17 fathoms West of an cross cut 20 to 25 fathoms from surface driven in from the side of a hill 1400 feet above the Level of the Sea, for this distance 35 fathoms in length the Lode has produced from 10 to 30 cwt. of Lead Ore, worth about 10 per Ton [pencil note, ‘9-0-0’]; East and West of the Engine Shaft, a 10 fathom Level has been driven 5 fathoms, and had averaged One Ton of Ore per fathom.

The yield of Two Stopes in the back of the Adit Level, sinking the Engine Shaft 12 fathoms below the Adit, and driving the 10 fathom Level 5 fathoms, has been above 50 Tons of Lead Ore, 20 Tons of which have been sold, and 30 Tons are now being dressed.

The Machinery erected is a 26 feet Water Wheel, 3 feet breast with Iron Axle, Rings and Centre pieces, together with Crusher, 2 feet Rolls by 14 inches long capable of dressing 100 Tons of Ore per Month [pencil note, ‘if we can get it’].




Rhestr cyfrandalwyr

List of shareholders

Richard Tredinnick 582
Thomas Field 215
Edward Hunt 200
Robert Fell 100
Robert Dever 100
Joseph Quick 100
Henry T. Ryde 100
John George Young 100
Sampson Trevethan 80
Richard Hughes 76
Charles Hughes 75
Richard Hallett, jun. 70
James Francis 69
George E. Hodgkinson 61
Edward Way 50
Charles Samuel Richardson50
Henry B. Bousfield 40
Ephriam O. Evans 37
Frederick le Messurier 30
Edwin Dearlove 31
George Barratt 25
Mrs. Caroline Onslow 25
John Hartley 23
Edward Francis 23
James Truscott 22
Robert W. Bennett 20
Andrew Wesley 20
Alfred S. Kingdon 15
Francis Pryor 10
Henry Hoppe 10
Richard Gilbertson 10
Alice Goldham 5
Hubert B. Rye 5
Joseph Tredinnick 5
John Smith 5
Frederick Boyle 4
Mrs. Tielens 4
H. C. Smith 1
A. T. Smith 1
Mrs. Nanny Claridge 1

LlGC/NLW, Druid Inn, bundle 57

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