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The Cambrian News 1873

January 3 1873


Wesleyan Chapel

It has been the custom, for some years now, to have a tea meeting at this place on Christmas Day, followed up by either a lecture or a concert in the evening, and the custom was this year kept up. The inclemency of the weather in the morning was such as to make many a heart feel depressed. But soon after twelve the skies brightened up, and the weather was favourable for the remainder of the day. By three p.m. a goodly number of ladies had occupied their positions at the head of the tables, which were furnished with plenty of the good things that were necessary to render the tea enjoyable. Upwards of 400 persons took tea, and from the smiling faces we may safely conclude that all enjoyed themselves to their hearts content. A concert was held in the evening. presided over very ably by Mr Jones, Glanmorfa. By six p.m. the chapel was crowded to excess, and a large number, we were told, were obliged to return home, failing to obtain admission. The Chairman, at the outset gave a very pleasant tone to the meeting, which was well sustained to the end, by good music as well as by his own humorous and quaint remarks. The performers were the Talybont and Tre'rddol choirs, the Misses Morgan, Aberystwyth, Miss Evans, Ynyslas, and Miss Kemp Talybont. It was the first time for us to have the pleasure of hearing the Talybont choir, and we were greatly surprised and pleased. The conductor seemed to enter thoroughly into the spirit of the music and the voices of his choir were well cultivated and nicely balanced. Tre'rddol choir also acquitted themselves well. Miss Kemp has a sweet rich voice, which goes down deep to one's heart. The Misses Morgans were never more precise and accurate than on this occasion. For refined, exquisite taste they are rarely surpassed. Miss Evans, of Ynyslas, is a young lady of great promise. Her voice is very powerful and melodious, and she sings in a pleasant, natural manner, Her songs were warmly received; and if she were placed under the tuition of an accomplished musician, we believe she would shine in the musical world, and would become one of Cambria's brightest stars. The proceeds of both tea and concert realised nearly 30.

10 January 1873


Christmas Day

A plygain was held at this church on Christmas morning, at six a.m. when there was a very large congregation. The service was conducted and a very appropriate sermon delivered (on Isaiah vii 44) by the Rev T R Morris MA Aberystwyth. Carols were sung my Messrs George, Thomas and William Jones, and Miss Mary Jones. The hymns appointed for the day were sung by the choir. At 10 a.m. the Litany and the Communion service were read, after which the sacrament was administered. Miss Jones, of Gwynfryn, presided at the harmonium, and through her great care the Gregorian chants were got up and satisfactorily sung. A breakfast was laid at Gwynfryn for the choir. The church was very tastefully decorated.

14 Feb 1873


Game Trespass. Evan and Owen Owen of Taliesin, were summoned for having trespassed in pursuit of game on land belonging to J M Davies Penpompren. Fined 1 and costs. Drunk. Hugh Davies, Taliesin, was fined 1 10s. and costs for drunkenness, the case being proved by P.S. Morgan.

21 February 1873


Inspector's Report

Mr Alderson presented his third fortnightly report, from which it appears that he made 1151 house-to-house inspections during the past fortnight and found 700 of that number of dwellings without any privy accommodation. The following extracts from the report...

"Ynyslas There are only about twenty dwellings here, and what is somewhat remarkable, every house has a privy and pigsty behind. The houses have not been very long erected, and appear to have sunk very much. The privies and pigstys are by far too close to the dwellings, and must on that account prove very offensive to the inhabitants."

Concerning Goitre the inspector reported there is not a single privy to the twelve houses there. Pigstys and pig manure-heaps abound throughout. The place is dirty in the extreme. Similar remarks appear under the following places: Llancynfelin, Craig, Penrhyn and Llanerch.

"Tre'rddol. I have inspected about fifty dwellings at this place; more than forty of them are without the necessary accommodation. There are two or three instances of overcrowding, where seven, eight and nine sleep in one room. About two thirds of the village is in a deplorable state as regards sanitary matters."

"Llancynfelin Board school contains about 60(?or 160?) scholars. There are only two small privies without doors, and in a dirty state. They have not been emptied for nearly two years."

"Taliesin Village I have inspected about 100 dwellings here and more than a half are without the needful accommodation. Overcrowding is also prevalent here, As many as seven, eight, nine, ten and twelve persons sleep in one room. At least two houses are totally unfit for human beings to live in. Pigstys and pig manure heaps abound all over the place, many of them being under windows and close by the doors of the dwellings." ...

MR ALDERSON in reply to Mr Fryer, said he got the information about Llancynfelin school from the schoolmaster.
MR FRYER said the privies were passed by the school Inspector, and he (Mr Fryer) was almost certain they were cleaned out last year.
MR ALDERSON. I can only report as I am informed. The schoolmaster told me so.
... In the course of further conversation it was stated that cottagers were keeping manure heaps for the potato planting, and that in May the heaps would all be removed.

7 March 1873


Grand Concert

On St Davids Day the members of the united Llancynfelin choir gave a grand concert in the schoolroom. Several ladies and gentlemen from the neighbouring village of Borth kindly gave their assistance, and greatly enhanced the pleasure of the evenings proceedings. The programme was as follows;

...song, "Annie of the Vale", Miss Mary Jones, Taliesin. This lady has a capital contralto voice, and sang all her songs in a quiet, self-possessed manner that would have done no discredit to a professional artiste; with a little more training we should not be surprised to see her develop into a really first rate vocalist. Her song was encored, as was the next one "Maggie May" by Mr W Jones.

...vote of thanks to Miss Jones, Gwynfryn, for the assistance she had rendered in getting up the concert and accompanying the glees.

14 March 1873


Trespass. Hugh Jones, Pentrebach was summonsed by J M Jones, gamekeeper to Sir Pryse Pryse, for having trespassed in pursuit of game on Llwynglas, Ynyscapel and Cerygcaranau farms. Summonsed dismissed on defendant paying costs.

4 April 1873


Nominated as member for Llancynfelin...Richard Jenkins, Farmer, Henhafod

9 May 1873


Trespass. John Jones, Tre'rddol and William Jones, Dolau, Llancynfelin, were summonsed for having trespassed in pursuit of game. John Davies, gamekeeper at Gogerddan, proved the offences to have been committed on March 31st. Fined 5s. each and costs.

30 May 1873


Accident. On Monday night, May 26th, an accident happened in Queens Road, to Mr C H Stokes, who was driving to his home in Taliesin, in a trap drawn by a pony. The trap came in violent collision with a lamp-post in Queens Road; Mr Stokes was thrown out and received injury to his arm. The pony was not hurt, but the trap was smashed. The public lamps have not been lighted during several nights past, and it is alleged that had the lamp on this particular post been lighted, the accident would not have happened.

13 June 1873


Drunk. George Jones, Neuaddyrynys, was fined 5s. and costs, 7s, for having been drunk on the 29th May. Hugh Davies was summonsed by Richard James, Brynllys, for having assaulted him and used threats towards him, on May 12th. Mr Griffith Jones appeared for the defence. Fined 10s. and costs.

11 July 1873


Threats. Morgan Evans was summonsed for having used threatening language towards Isaac Evans on June 25th. Bound over in his own recognizances of 10 and two sureties each in 5 to keep the peace for 12 months. Drunk William Griffiths was fined 20s. and costs for drunkenness, the case being proved by P.S. Morgan.
Pig Straying. John Williams was summoned for having allowed his pig to stray near Garreg on June 11th. Fined 5s. including costs.

15 August 1873


A Treat. The Sunday School children and the choir of Llancynfelin, numbering about 50, had on August 6th a picnic on the beach between Borth and the estuary of the Dovey. The day was not very bright for any of them to avail themselves of bathing, but fortunately it kept from raining until the time they were about to start for home. At four p.m. they partook of a delicious repast provided by Miss Jones of Gwynfryn, sister to the Archdeacon of York. After all had done justice to their newly increased appetite Miss Jones distributed pecuniary rewards, given by herself and Mrs Holford, Lodge Park, to those who excelled in athletic sports - running races on the sand, jumping &c. One credit is given to Mr H R Owen Tanllwyn and Mr J Jones churchwarden for their pleasing interest in the children on the occasion. After the sports were over and at their departure Miss Jones was vociferously cheered for her kindness and three cheers were given for Mr Halford who was much regretted of not being present and last of all three cheers were given to the waiters who executed their new gipsying mode of waiting to full satisfaction.

12 September 1873


Licences. The magistrates met this morning at the Town Hall Aberystwyth the sessions having been adjourned from Tre'rddol on Thursday. Most of the publicans in the district attended and had their licences renewed...

Deserted Service. David James, Ynyslas, shepherd was summoned by William Parkinson, Moelynys, for having deserted service...Samuel Bluck, farm bailiff to the compainant, said he hired the defendant, on behalf of Mr Parkinson, as a servant in husbandry upon the farm "as long as he was wanted" from Lady-day to Lady-day. He had 15s. a week, cottage rent free and potato ground. Subsequently he asked witness to let him be shepherd and herdsman. Witness consented and raised his wages to 18s. per week, and then he paid 1s a week rent for the cottage. He left without notice on August 2nd. Witness was cross-examined at considerable length, and there was much argument. Finally the Bench decided that they considered it a weekly hiring, and ordered the defendant to return to work for a week and to pay the costs.
Richard Humphreys, Ynyslas, was also summonsed for having deserted from the employ of William Parkinson. Defendant was engaged on April 22nd, at 18s. weekly, and left without any notice on July 23rd. Ordered to return for a week and pay costs.

26 Sept 1873

Crosswood and Gogerddan Agricultural Show

Prizes included: Welsh Cattle, Best pair of two year old oxen, Mr Thomas Thomas, Noyaddyrynys
Cattle of any breed except Welsh, Best yearling bull, Mr Price Tanyrallt

14 November 1873


Assaults. John Harris, smith, Taliesin, summoned Rees Morgan for an assault committed on Sept 15th. Complainant went into his garden on the afternoon of the day in question, and hearing someone using a shovel, went to see who it was. He found defendant's grandson, Rees Williams, removing some dirt away that ought not to have been removed, and complainant told the boy to stop, but defendant told him to continue the work, and not to mind the complainant. Complainant then went for a shovel, and put the dirt back from where the boy had taken it, and the boy went to his grandfather. On hearing this the grandfather came out and committed the assault, striking the complainant, and attempting to knock him with a shovel, and thus put complainant in bodily fear. William Harris, complainant's uncle, said he saw defendant with a shovel, and saw him lift it to strike complainant, but the wives of John Morris and Rees Morgan interfered and prevented it. Catherine Bellinger, defendant's daughter, held up her hand near complainant's face, as if to strike him. Mr Daniel Thomas, Frondeg, said John Harris was right in preventing the boy from taking the dirt away. The case was adjourned to the next meeting.
Enoch Owen also summoned John Williams for assault. Complainant, who lives in Tre'rddol, said he was working at Tanllan on the 9th October. About dark he went into a shed, and defendant was there also. Complainant told the defendant that he had better not say anything about Thomas Thomas of Noyadd. Defendant asked complainant if he thought no-one could speak the truth beside himself, and then struck complainant, and drew blood, telling him at the same time that if he did not hold his tongue, he would break every tooth in his mouth. Morgan Jones, Evan Evans and Edwards Owens, gave evidence for the defence, and the case was dismissed.


Drunkenness. John Pritchard, of Tretaliesin, was charged before the Mayor (P Williams Esq) on Tuesday Nov 11th with being drunk. P.S.Williams proved the case, and defendant was fined 5s. including costs.

5 December 1873


...At Tre'rddol there is a brook named Pistyll Gwyn, which supplies the people of that village with water to drink. It seems that a privy has been erected on the edge of the brook, so as to overhang the water. The inspector described the probable effects of the nuisance, but we will spare our readers the details. It was agreed to serve an order on the trustees of the Wesleyan chapel, Tre'rddol, to remove the privy forthwith.

12 December 1873


A Contradiction - A correspondent writes to the effect that " The Nuisance Inspector for the Rural Sanitary Authority of Aberystwyth made a wrong statement when he said that a privy belonging to the trustees of the Wesleyan Chapel Tre'rddol, is erected so as to overhang the stream and to contaminate the water, which is used for drinking purposes. The distance from the brook to the front of the privy is said to be 27 feet." We think in a case of this kind both inspectors and others ought to be careful as to the statements which are made, and we trust this matter will not be allowed to drop until the public find out who is right.


Accident. As Mr L O Davies and Mr E Davies, drapers, Great Darkgate St, were returning from serving the Taliesin and Tre'rddol Clothing Club, in a carriage with two horses...and when proceeding slowly along the road near Dole, where the road was slippery, one of the horses stumbled and fell under the other, which, being a young thoroughbred, plunged and kicked to a great extent, injuring the horse thatb was on the ground. On being released the animal was walked home, and on examination it was found that the injuries were not serious. Fortunately none of the occupants of the carriage was injured.


Assault. The adjourned case of assault between John Harris and Rees Morgan was again brought on, when John Harris said that on the 16th of September last he was in the corner of his garden when Elizabeth Evans, Taliesin, and John Harris came down and laid hold of him by the collar and shook him. It appears that there was a counter summons and both were dismissed.

12 December 1873


Pistill Gwyn, Tre'rddol At the last meeting it was stated that this river was liable to become polluted by the privy of the Wesleyan Chapel, Tre'rddol. Dr M Jones said that he had inspected the place and thought the nuisance, if there was one, could be abated in several ways. An earth closet could be erected, which could be emptied occasionally. He did not think, hoever, that the brtook had received any pollution, but it might become polluted in the course of years, but at present the inhabitants had no course to complain. The Inspector thought he was justified in making the report. The Chairman;- oh yes, - Dr M Jones said the closet was about 25 feet away from the brook. The trustees had suggested that the sewage should be conveyed elsewhere through pipes, but he did not know where they were to get the water from to flush the closet with, and there would still be a danger of the sewage going into the brook, but if it were put about the land there would be no reason to complain. The trustees had said it was their intention to remedy the nuisance before it was reported. The matter was left in the medical officer's hands, to see that it was properly attended to.
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