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H.R.G.Inglis, The 'Contour' Road Map of Wales

A Series of Elevation Plans of the Roads, with Measurements and Descriptive Letterpress

Daw'r map anghyffredin hon o lyfr bach, cyhoeddwyd tua 1911, sy'n disgrifio'r teithiau rhwng y gwahanol trefi yng Nghymru ar sail cyfuchlin y heol. Nid yw'n glir pwy oedd y cynulleidfa - efallai gyrwyr ceir cynnar neu feicwyr (a fyddai eisiau osgoi bryniau serth!) Mae'r llyfr yn cynnwys prisau cludiant beiciau ar y trên.

Peth o ddiddordeb arbennig yw'r cyfeiriad at a ffordd arall dros fferi Aberdyfi (sydd wedi hen diflannu).

This unusual map comes from a small book, published in about 1911, that describes the journeys between various towns in Wales on the basis of the road contours. It is unclear who the target audience was - possibly early motorists and cyclists (who would want to avoid steep hills). The book includes the prices for sending bicycles by train.

A particular point of interest is the reference to the alternative route via the Aberdovey ferry (sadly no more).


Description.—Class II. The direct route is by Aberdovey Ferry, an excellent road, over a bad 1 in 9 ascent and 1 in 10 descent, to Bow Street, thence easy to Borth, after which there is usually 1½m. over the sandy spit to the ferry.

The road round by Machynlleth, shown on plan, avoids the stiff hills to Bow Street and the ferry at Aberdovey. The surface is good, but there are short stiff hills up to 1 in 11 as far as Machynlleth, after which splendid surface but short hills as far as Towyn.

After Towyn the road is very good all the way to Dolgelly, except a short section between Cefn-coch and Llwyngwril, mostly in 1 in 15 short hills, and a stiff 1 in 10 at Arthog.

For Barmouth, motors turn off at Penmaenpool Sta. 52 3/8m., but cyclists and pedestrians turn L. along the tram rails (no road) at 47m. to Barmouth Junct., thence over the sand and bridge (Toll).

Milestones—Measured from Clock Tower, Aberystwyth, and from Towyn, and Dolgelley.

Principal Objects of Interest. — Glandovey : Castle Machynlleth: Clock Tower, Lyfnant Valley. Aberdovey : College. Towyn : Cadfans Pillar and Well. Cefncoch: Bird Rock. 21m.: Fine view of Carnarvonshire. Barmouth: Panorama Walk. Arthog : Falls, Llysbradwen. Dolgelley: Torrent Walk, Precipice Walk, Cymmer Abbey, &c.

Hotels or Inns at places marked *, and at Friog, &c.

The 'Contour' Road Book of Wales, Harry R G Inglis, Gall & Inglis, London, 1911

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