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The 'London Gazette'

Y London, Belfast ac Edinburgh Gazettes yw'r papurau newyddion swyddogol cofnodi yn y Deyrnas Unedig. Sefydlwyd y London Gazette yn 1665. Yn ôl y cyfraith, rhaid cyhoeddi sawl math o hysbyseb cyfreithiol, gan gynnwys hysbysebion methdaliad, yn Y London, Belfast neu Edinburgh Gazette. (D.S. 'Does dim 'Cardiff Gazette!) Ar hyn o bryd mae HMSO yn rhoi popeth ar-lein (http://www.gazettes-online.co.uk/) : hyd yn hyn dim ond yr 20fed ganrif wedi'i cyflawni. Gair i'r gall os ydych am chwilio yno eich hunan: mae'r rheolau arferol am sillafiad enwau lleoedd yn dilys, ond oherwydd system OCR sy'n cael ei defnyddio gan y system chwilio, gall fod llai na berffaith! Dyma sawl cyfeirad i'r plwyf rydym wedi darganfod hyd yn hyn:   The London, Edinburgh, and Belfast Gazettes are the official newspapers of record in the United Kingdom. The London Gazette was established in 1665. Several legal notices, including insolvency notices, are required by law to be published in the London, Belfast or Edinburgh Gazette. (N.B. There's no 'Cardiff Gazette!). HMSO is currently putting the whole thing on-line(http://www.gazettes-online.co.uk/): so far the 20th century has been digitised. A word of warning if you search for yourself: the usual rules about the spelling of place-names apply, but as the search system uses text from an OCR process it can be less than perfect. Here are some references to the parish that we have found so far:

26 April 1901, Issue 27308

WE, the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England, in consideration of a benefaction of two hundred pounds sterling which has been paid to us in favour of the vicarage of Llangynfelyn, in the county of Cardigan, and in the diocese of Saint David's, and in respect of which we have agreed to pay to the Incumbent of the same vicarage, and to his successors, a yearly sum of six pounds, do hereby, in pursuance of the Act of the twenty-ninth and thirtieth years of Her late Majesty Queen Victoria, chapter one hundred and eleven, section five, grant out of our common fund to the said vicarage of Llangynfelyn, to meet such benefaction, one other capital sum of two hundred pounds, in respect of which, so long as the same capital sum, or any part thereof, shall remain in our hands, there shall be paid by us to the Incumbent for the time being of the said vicarage one other yearly sum of six pounds, or such part thereof as shall be proportionate to any balance of the same capital sum which shall so remain in our hands ; such lastly-mentioned yearly payment to commence as from the date of the publication of these presents in the London Gazette, and to be receivable in equal quarterly portions on the first day of February, the first day of May, the first day of August, and the first day of November in each and every year
In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our common seal, this eighteenth day of April, in the year one thousand nine hundred and one.
(12 May 1905 - another entry similar to the above for £100 / £3 p.a.)

6 June 1905, Issue 27801

Pursuant to the Statute, 22nd and 23rd Victoria, chapter 35. NOTICE is hereby given, that all persons having any claims against the estate of Mrs. Anne Loxdale Jones, late of Gwynfryn, Taliesin, in the county of Cardigan, Widow (who died on the 15th day of March, 1905, and whose will was proved by Joseph Loxdale, Reginald James Rice Loxdale, Henrietta Matilda Astley Warren, and the Venerable David Edward Williams, Archdeacon of St. Davids, the executors, in the Principal Probate Registry, on the 18th April, 1905), are hereby required to send particulars, in writing, of their claims to us, the undersigned, on or before the 4th day of July next, after which date the said executors will distribute the assets of the said testatrix, having regard only to the claims of which they shall then have notice. Dated this 1st day of June, 1905.
FRANCIS and JOHNSON. 19, Great Winchester Street, London, E.C., Solicitors for the said Executors.

15 June 1906, Issue 27922

A Separate Building, duly certified for religious worship, named SOAR, situated at Trerddol, in the civil parish of Llancynfelin, in the county of Cardigan, in Aberystwith registration district, was, on the llth June, 1906, registered for solemnizing marriages therein, pursuant to 6th and 7th Wm. IV, c. 85.—Dated the 12th June, 1906.
063 HUGH HUGHES, Superintendent Registrar.

17 Sept 1909, Issue 28289

In the Matter of a Deed of Assignment for the benefit of creditors, dated the 25th day of February, 1909, and executed by EDWARD MORGAN (Farmer), RICHARD JAMES (Farmer), and KATE JAMES, the Wife of the said Richard James, all of Brickyard Farm, in the parish of Llancynfelin, in the county of Cardigan.
NOTICE is hereby given, that a First and Final Dividend is about to be declared in the above matter. Any person or persons having claims against the above named debtor are required to send particulars thereof, in writing, to me, the undersigned Trustee, at No. 31, North-parade, Aberystwyth, on or before the 30th day of September, 1909, in default of which the estate will be distributed by me, having regard only to the claims of which I shall then have had notice.— Dated this 14th day of September, 1909.
084 D. LLOYD, Trustee.

18 Oct 1932, Issue 33874

WHITE, John, residing at the Lodge, Lodge Park, Glandyfi, in the county of Cardigan, and carrying on business at 15, Penycae, Taliesin, in the said county of Cardigan. SHOEMAKER.
No. of Matter—10 of 1932.
Date of First Meeting—Oct. 27. 1932. 1.30 p.m.
Place 3, Baker Street,. Aberystwyth.
Date of Public Examination—Nov. 17, 1932.-2 p.m.
Place 3, Baker Street, Aberystwyth.
Date of Order for Summary Administration Oct. 15, 1932

23 Dec 1952, Issue 39726

Deceased: Florence Emma JOHNSON of The Grange, Flore, Daventry, Northamptonshire, also of Ashtrees, Old Duston, Northamptonshire, and of Gwynfryn Taliesin, Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, Widow. Died 10th October, 1952.
Notice of claims to: Stephenson Harwood & Tatham, 16, Old Broad Street, London, E.C.2, Solicitors. (Walter Charles Gubbins and Lancelot Ward Gubbins.) by 4th March 1953.

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