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Report of the commissioners of inquiry into the state of Education In Wales, (1847)

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Parochial Abstract

Population: 480 Male, 504 Female = 984 Total

At Day Schools

Under 5 years: 1 Male

5 - 10 years: 28 Male, 3 Female

Above 10 years: 42 Male, 15 Female

Total: 84

At Church Sunday Schools


At Dissenting Sunday Schools

Under 15: 51 Mael, 59 Female

Above 15: 83 Male, 124 Female

Total: 317

 Trer Ddol SchoolMr Richards School
Date of Establishment18461800
TenureTenancy at WillTenancy at Will
Building - State of repairBadIndifferent
Building - outbuildingsNoneNone
Schoolroom: Dimensions (feet)24 x 159 x 6
      Accomodation at six Sq.Ft.609
      Furniture & apparatusInsufficient, in Bad RepairInsufficient, in Bad Repair
No. of Children on Books4049
Duration of presence: less than 1 yr4035
     more than 1, less than 2 yrs09
     more than 2, less than 3 yrs05
     more than 3, less than 4 yrs00
     more than 4, less than 5 yrs00
Ages: Under 501
     5 - 10922
     Above 103126
Average attendance in last year-41
No. of Scholars living > 1½ miles from school73
Method: Monitorial - No. of Monitors4No
     Whether any simultaneous instructionYesYes
Subjects of instruction, exams etc: No information
Religious Instruction by:MasterMaster
Whether school opened with a hymn or prayerNoNo
Visitation made by-Minister
Language of InstructionWelsh and EnglishWelsh and English
Grammar of WelshOO
Grammar of English+O
Master's Age3319
Teacher TrainedNoNo
Previous history of teacher: age commenced vocation2918
     Previous occupationBaptist MinisterIn School
Present condition of teacher: Follows any tradeNoNo
     Any other office/incomeNoNo
     Income from School Pence32-0-024-0-0
Annual income of school: From subscriptionsNilNil
     From CollectionsNilNil
     From School Pence24-0-016-0-0
     From EndowmentNilNil

Tystiolaeth Owen Owen, Taliesin

Evidence of Owen Owen, Taliesin

No. 11
Mr Owen Owen of Taliessin, Cardiganshire

November 13th, 1846

I WAS a Baptist Minister at Talybont and the Coginan Mines about nine years, and for the last five months have kept a day-school at Taliessin; and have also kept a school for three years at Coginan, and preached gratuitously during that time.

There is a great deficiency of good schools for the poor. Many of the schoolmasters themselves know little of English, and no more grammar than the poor workman on the road. I intend going to the Borough-road School to improve myself. It is a great defect that in Wales there are no Normal schools except that at Brecon. The poor are very ignorant of secular knowledge, and of history and the elements of geography and of astronomy they know nothing. I have heard even a preacher talking of the god Ganges, whom the heathens carried on their shoulders and worshipped. As to Scripture knowledge, the people are better informed in Wales than in some parts of England. They have a good knowledge of the gospel in several. The professing Christians of all the denominations of Dissenters are in the habit of reading the Bible daily, and the children and servants often give a verse of the Scriptures, after reading, from memory. The morals of the people are improving. It is common still for women to be in the family-way before their marriage, but this is not so much the case as it was. This intercourse is only with the man to whom they are attached, and a common woman would be scouted in any of the villages. The veracity of the people is not bad. In a great many places there is a desire for better education, but in several they are so poor that they are hopeless. If better means were afforded, the people would be prompted to take advantage of them by their ministers.

In our district, which is a mining one, the people are too poor to support good schools: they are four to one Dissenters, and the rich are backward to support schools except on the National system. I am sure Governmenta ssistance would be generally accepted.


LlGC/NLW, Report of the commissioners of inquiry into the state of Education In Wales, 1847, Cyfrol/Vol 2, tud/p.77

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