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Report of the Surveyor for the County of Cardigan addressed to the Court of Quarter Sessions, Michaelmas 1878.

by James W Szlumper, County Surveyor

[This was a report into the state of every bridge, in the county. They were classified as Class 1 = "very good", Class 2 = "good", Class 3 = "inferior"]

TREDDOLE BRIDGE (Class 2). One arch 23' 9" sapn, over the river Clettwr, in the village of Treddole.

ABERLERRY or YNYSLAS BRIDGE (Class 3)One timber-top opening, 43 feet, over the River Lery, near its junction with the river Dovey.

LODGE BRIDGE (Class 3) One Arch, 6'6" span over the river Lodge, on the turnpike road between Aberystwyth and Machynlleth.


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