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Mae'r dyfyniadau yma yn dod allan o gofnodion sydd ar agor i'r cyhoedd, ond sy'n cynnwys enwau y pobl a effeithiwyd. Er bod ein polisi fel arfer yw cyhoeddi dogfennau yn llawn, yn yr achos hwn rydym ni'n teimlo y ddylem dileu enwau'r unigolion. Er hynny, rydym yn teimlo y ddylai'r cofnidion cael eu cyhoeddi fel enghraifft diddorol o'r ystod o wasanaethau a cyflenwyd gan y cyngor ar rhan trigolion y plwyf.

These extracts are taken from publicly available records that contain the names of the people affected. Although our normal policy is to publish records verbatim, in this case we feel that we should remove the names of the individuals involved. However, we feel that the edited records should still be published as an interesting example of the range of work performed by the council on behalf of the residents of the parish.


Care of Children Committee, 5th January 1949

A.B. of Tre'rddol
Letter received from the Warden of the Wallingford Farm Training School, Oxford, with regard to A.B., stating that there is a vacancy and he can be admitted at once. The Clerk reported that he was admitted on 30th December 1948. Account: 2 days maintenence at 38/6d per week, clothing a/c: 11-2-4. Resolved to pass a/c for payment.

Care of Children Committee, 2nd March 1949

C.D. of Tre'rddol, born 193x, of XX, Tre'rddol
The Clerk reported regarding C.D., a pupil at Ardwyn Secondary School, that he does not wish to remain in school after attaining 15 years of age. His school report for the first year is quite satisfactory and states that he is a good pupil who works well and has ability. It was resolved that Mr E T Evans be asked to see the boy with a view to persuading him to continue his education.

Archifdy Ceredigion/Ceredigion Archives, Minutes of Cardiganshire County Council, dates as noted.

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